"She’s not cold hearted, she’s just tired of getting fucked over."

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"Honestly? Who needs a real boyfriend when you can date whoever you want in your head, and snuggle with your pillows and blankets?"

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Niall Imagine for Samantha (niallsprincess43)


“I’m so done, Niall!” I screamed for about the third time tonight.

What was I so fed up with? Who knows any more. I just knew I was angry at him. It could’ve been the joke he took too far, the girl he was all smiles with, or maybe all the nights out with friends and showing up at four in the…


Probably one of my favorite moments.

Niall smut.. I really like this one


"I think you should leave." My words seem to bounce off everything in our flat, her face emotionless as her beautiful eyes stare into mine. I knew she was begging me, searching my eyes for some excuse to stay, but I gave her nothing.

Her face stayed flat, as she turned grabbing her keys off of…

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